Using Flash to Produce Stop Motion Animation for the Classroom

This introduction course will cover the flash production of an animation from conception to final download and play. A variety of subjects will be worked through to enable this:

·    Timing for stop motion animation.

·    The seeds of an animation.

·    Pixilation, Claymation and other types of stop motion animation.

·     Photography. (Appropriate file sizes)

·    Importing recorded Images/sound to Flash.

·    Simple recording techniques and sourcing sounds online.

·     Over laying sound.

·     Adding Credits and Titles.

·     Production on Flash.

·     Exporting final movie.

·     Saving final work.

·     Play movies.

Course Details

Start Date 29-04-2014 6:00 pm
End Date 06-05-2014 8:30 pm
Cut off date 28-04-2014
Individual Price Free
Location North West Training Centre, Letterkenny

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